I always liked picking scabs when I was little… picking them off and watching myself bleed… so, I guess in a sense.. this is exactly what I am doing now. Writing this story… releasing this secret… it’s unearthing something painful that could have possibly healed and just closed up. I mean… I left the state… and the family that was causing the wounds. However, I miss my family and if the only way to get them back is to make myself bleed… again… I am willing to do so. Not to mention… the meToo movement has inspired me… why should I run… why should I hide and allow my abuser to stay and remain the head of a family that once belonged to me?? On top of all of that motive… I also fear that he will attack again. What if he does what he did to me, to someone else?? What if he does it to someone I love?? How could I forgive myself if I run and remain silent and allow him to further abuse more women.. Girls?? I cannot… I will bleed until I die before I allow him to hurt anyone else… anymore!!

So… here I am… bleeding

One scab at a time …. until I’m all bled out and Justice is served to those long overdue the punishment which they have made me suffer alone… In silence for far too long!!

I have learned… you can only survive

3 minutes without air

3 days without water

3 weeks without food &

3 years without justice