First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read my book/blog. Due to the trauma of abuse suffered and secret which I am still forced to hold, I have suffered years of writers’ block. Writing this book and finally releasing my secret has been the most difficult and most rewarding experience. The #meToo movement inspired me to write this book and while talking about my project online, I have had other women come to me and ask me to do the same with their stories. I believe the time has come to share the stories of women who are not famous, yet have suffered sexual harassment, abuse or misuse in general.
The main difference between a man and a woman is that a man can kill a woman with his bare hands. It is this sheer strength that leaves many women scared to fight back with full force. Neglecting to fight back, I think many men confuse this submission for consent. Raising two teenage daughters, I know it is so important to continue this conversation and bring light to all the brave women hiding in darkness.
The reason I chose to write my story in the form of fiction, is because the ending came to me in a dream. I dreamt that I hid a camera and subjected myself to rape one last time to have the proof I needed to make the assault’s stop. However, instead of following through with that plan, I decided that writing my story would be my way to heal and to share my truth.
The reason the book is still in much need of editing assistance, is because my daughters and I live out in WV far away from family and without any support. Therefore, we do not own a computer. I decided to rent a computer for the special price of ONE DOLLAR down for the first month and made it my mission to write the entire thing in less than a month, so I could return the computer without having to pay for any additional months! I did it! The silver lining in my writing with urgency is, I hope, the book reads with fire and intensity. Completely and totally unputdownable! I hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you soon.