The black sheep… ??

I’m starting to realize that due to my fleeing to WV to protect myself and my daughters from the abuse of my attacker, I have made myself the black sheep in the family.

When you are not physically around to defend yourself… your enemies will say whatever necessary to make sure you look bad and they stay Right.

The fact that my attacker lives in my moms basement doesn’t help either. For years, he has controlled and manipulated my sister and now my mother! He has turned them against me… like he promised to do. However, now, since the big blow out, drag down fight on Easter where my mom verbally attacked me (and was so close to my face… I thought momentarily that she was going to physically hit me like she would have 20 years ago) in defense of Him.

When he yelled at me… telling me to “shut the fuck up” my daughters were terrified and said they had never heard a man yell at me like that before (at least I got that right;) but, when the grandmother that they loved and trusted jumped on his side and got in my face to yell at me as well… they were simply heart broken.

No one could figure out what had happened … no one knew the true cause of that fight & still don’t understand it fully.

The thing is….

My mother is so unfair with her love and support, I actually had to change my book around to make it more believable. My editor said no one would believe that a mother would allow her healthy daughter & husband and kids to live in her home (for free) while her other daughter was sick and single and struggling to get by alone, on their own!!

Do you hear that mom?? Like Donald trump.., your behavior is so unbelievably unfair and biased that it’s literally UNBELIEVABLE in the form of a story/fiction. I had to make the daughter living under your roof.. the sick one… because nobody would be able to wrap their heads around a mother like you!!