The Gun in my Mother’s Home


Growing up, I was taught.. guns are bad. Guns are dangerous and should not be kept in homes, especially around children. My mother was adamant about this stance, she didn’t allow any of her 5 exes to keep their guns in her home. Two of the ex husbands were fireman and very responsible “good guys” if you will. Nonetheless, she made them either sell their guns or keep them at their parents or friends houses and refused to allow the guns to be kept in her home, around her children.

I agree with my mother. Guns bring death far to instantaneously. However, that is not the point. It doesn’t matter whether I agree or not. The point of this post is to prove a simple point. When my daughters were little, she hated guns so much that she wouldn’t even allow them to play with toy water guns because of the violence they represented.

But now…. my mom is so brainwashed by my sisters husband… that NOW she has a gun in HER home.. around her children and her grandchildren!!

This post isn’t to open up a debate on whether guns are safe in homes or not… I know that’s a loaded debate (no pun intended… although it works just fine;) . The point of this post is to prove that my mom has been brainwashed, manipulated and gaslit by my sister’s husband in so many ways and this is the clearest example.

How many people do you know that change their personal preference on guns?? In addition, how many people do you know that after not allowing men that they are married to and have promised to spend the rest of their lives with to change their minds about guns..  after 55 years of being a hardcore gun hater standing up to everyone, including men she had married, suddenly to allow her daughter’s husband to convince her to keep a gun in her home??

That is weird…. right??

Trust me… it’s just one of many!!