Trump… and how he Fucked my Family



Trump has done many horrible things to many people… But, he has fucked up my family, directly. My sister’s husband is so obsessed with Trump… (I mean, of course he is.. he is a classic trump lover… a white, male, blue collar, sexual predator, cheater, misogynist, racist, uneducated, fucking PIG) So, it makes sense that HE supports trump. However, he has my sister and mother so brainwashed that he had them vote for him as well!!

Wait, let me fix that.. the Russians via social media made my mother say things like, “Obviously Trump is bad, but Hilary isn’t good either.. she’s really bad and I’m not voting for her”, when my daughters and I tried to ask her why she thought Hilary was bad, so that we could help her understand that what she was believing wasn’t true, she couldn’t even come up with an answer. When our family (mainly my grandfather) tried to share REAL articles via a family group text to make sure, at the very least, our own family voted the right way and didn’t allow Trump to win. My grandfather and sister’s husband would get in these heated debates and my mother would ALWAYS jump in and stop it. Was she scared of his temper and going home to his anger? Or… was it just like when my sister and I fight and my mom has just decided to side with her and her husband in all things.. even when they are factually, blatantly wrong??

I don’t even know… what I do know… is that anyone that supports trump has very questionable intelligence and morals to the rest of the sane world….. and now…. thanks to my sister’s husband.. My own mother and sister are Trump supporters… gun owners… and those two things alone… make me very worried about my niece and nephew… add to that his temper and sexual abuse.. I guess you can see why… I can no longer stay silent about any of it.