Just keeping MOVING!!


“Just keep moving” is a life motto that has fueled most of my life & for the first 35 years of it, I did just that. When things were good, I would shake my ass and dance along with the music which composed my life. When things were bad, I would march along and forge a new path. If I became sad or anxious, I would run away my troubles.

However, 3 years ago I moved into a home, which we later discovered someone had recently died in and we became stuck. Stuck is not strong enough a word for what has happened to us in this home. This home, which I am sitting in whilst writing, hopefully my last meaningful post composed here, is a beacon of un-hope. The energy of this place is toxic. Thoughts become so stifled here, I may have to finish and edit this very post later from our new home, but I wanted.. no, needed to start it here. Perhaps as a test and proof of the difference between thoughts processed here and words formed there.

So, let us see… today is the first official day of moving all the small stuff. Both of my kids are working today and I am determined to prove to them and the rest of my family just how much I am capable of and how determined I am to do this thing. So, wish me luck… here I go. I can’t wait to come back later and report my success =)

Peace and namaste +)