In just 3 short hours, I have tackled donating a truck full of clothes, books and DVDs to a local second-hand shop. I cleaned out my truck and broke the seats down to fit more small furniture, dropped the little one off at work & began the BIG CLEAN.

The BIG CLEAN is that therapeutic method of cleaning which involves throwing away all which is unnecessary whilst packing. I say this method of cleaning is therapeutic because, for me, nothing feels better than letting go. Aside from moving into a bigger house, nicer neighborhood with a huge yard, the number one thing I’m excited about this move is this very process of letting go, moving forward and never looking back.

As I stated earlier today, this house has had us stuck for the last 3 years. When we moved in here, we were under the impression that it would be temporary and we would only be here for a few months max. So, we never settled here. We never took the family photos out of the boxes and hung on the walls. We never even unpacked our good dishes & have used paper and plastic. We have been stuck in this perpetual pause on our life. We’ve been waiting to move, with no where to go.

Now, we have been given this amazing opportunity to move into a house that will feel like a real home, surrounded by people that care about us. Considering the year we have had with our family and their absence, the timing couldn’t be better for this unexpected break in luck and adoption into a new “family’.

Grateful is a word I over-use and probably over-feel as well because I do try to remain constantly grateful for many things big and small. So, grateful is certainly not a big enough word to express how fortunate I feel that for the first time in 3 plus years that once again, my family is back in forward motion.

Elated, ecstatic and eternally appreciative slightly touch upon my current emotions… but, barely.

I hope my joy continues and spreads from my heart to my words, directly from me to you via reading upon our journey. By the way, I’m still writing from the old house. I am curious to see the difference and promise that even if it is mid-trip, I will write a post from there later… even if it’s a short one.

Well… back to. The BIG CLEAN… wish me luck…. again

TtySooooon -)