Merry BEST Christmas Ever!!

No more drama in my life & this was/is the absolute best Christmas EVER!!

Santa did really well… as always =) I must’ve been a very good girl this year b/c I finally got the MacBook I need to finish my book!! The girls spoiled me this year!! AND the most important thing about this Christmas is that NOT seeing our extended family actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. Adam (the girls father) came over yesterday and we had the most chill and relaxed evening, opened presents at midnight & then had so much fun afterwards!! We may have had a little too much fun, because it’s taking me way too long to figure out what to say and how to write… I may, also, be distracted by this beautiful backlit keyboard.

I wish I could explain just how happy I am in this moment… sitting here in my cashmere PJ’s & cozy, warm new Uggs that my hard working 15 year old daughter bought me, enjoying the scent of my new orchid bath and body works candle that my college bound daughter bought me, reading over the spa menu deciding which type of massage I will schedule myself using the gift card that came with the candle typing on this super light and beautiful computer knowing that once my hangover subsides, I can finally get back to writing, turning my novel into a memoir and sending it off to the publisher. Wow, that was a long sentence and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a run-on or not. So, perhaps I will say goodbye for now & take a much needed nap, but I will be back soon!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a gooooood nap!!